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Workshop Nikita Sculptor

NIKITASCULPTOR workshop specializes in creating sculpture of every possible style or scale. Our expertise ranges from statuary to monumental pieces. We do full cycle production from scratch: starting with idea, material fabrication, and then transportation and set-up.

We are proud to have worked with:

- the State Hermitage Museum, sculpture restoration of the iconostasis of the Great Church;

- the State Museum Reserve Peterhof, sculpture restoration of the iconostasis of the Church Building at the Peterhof Grand Palace;

- the State Museum Reserve Oranienbaum, sculpture restoration of the iconostasis of the Church of the Menshikov Palace;

- the Mariinsky Theater, set production;

- Tv channel ZOO TV, award statuettes production;

- Maria Orlova, Marat Basharov, Ilia Averbukh - statuette inspired by the show "City Lights";

- AFR Company.

What we offer:

1. Design:

- generating ideas and concepts;

- working with form, style and composition;

- visualization: both 2D and 3D-sketches;

- project paperwork, technical specifications, drafting.

2. Sculpture production

3. Transportation/Set-up

Our benefits:


Our workshop brings together a group of highly-skilled artisans with an impressive experience.


We specialize in exclusive orders of any complexity. We believe that unique projects require nothing less than a unique approach. Hand in hand with the old technology, passed on from generation to generation, we eagerly engage innovative solutions as well.


Our workshop has its own manufacture facility in St. Petersburg.


We assist idea transition into sketches and drawings on paper. We create models and mock-ups, working with shape, space and volumes, finding harmony between them.

Additional services

We also take care of supervision, transportation and product assembly.

Workshop Nikita Sculptor makes the following objects:

  • Статуэтки
  • Призы
  • Медали
  • Настольня пластика
  • Функциональные предметы для дома
  • Станковая скульптура
  • Садово-парковая скульптура
  • Бюсты
  • Памятники
  • Статуи
  • Монументальные комплексы
  • Орнамент
  • Иконостасы и киоты
  • Театральные декорации
  • Эксклюзивная мебель
  • Скульптура
  • Декоративные сооружения
  • Объекты ландшафтного дизайна
  • Игровые сооружения
  • Оригинальные детские площадки